Please support us by joining us with a membership in our organisation starting at as low as € 5.00 per month and is of great help and support for the children.

Become a member!

Donation Box

You can support our organisation by putting up a donation box e.g. at your next birthday party instead of presents.

Your guests will be delighted to support a charity organisation choosen by you in making their own donations and support African Kids e.V.

Social Business / CSR

In case you are managing a business and want to engage a bit more with charity by donating a small proportion of your income for a charity such as African Kids e.V. please contact us for further discussions about cooperation opportunities.

Donation dedicated to a specific project

It is your choice to make a donation for a specific project, we are happy to fully incorporate your choice in our daily work.

We are grateful to receive the opportunity to inform about our most recent projects.

All donations can be made in one payment (e.g. renewal of roofing of a school or similar projects) or over a certain period of time for a specific project (e.g. salary for a cook at school for several months).

Your own Event

Do you have a special event – a summer festival, a corporate functions, a christmas market – and would like to make a donation for our organisation? We are deeply grateful for any cooperation and appreciate any involvement – please contact us.

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