Nursery School / School System in Kenya

Nursery School

At the age of 3 children start going into nursery school. For the 3 year old children “Baby Class” is provided, the 4-5 year old children attend “Middle Class” and thereafter children go into “Final Class”.

Nursery School is different then in Germany and focusing more on learning rather then playing. The children at this level start learning Swaheli and English already. At their home the children often speak the language of their individual tribe; at nursery school children also learn basic mathmatics, writing, reading, social class and environmental class.

School System

Kenya´s School system follows the 8-4-4 sytem. 8 years of primary school, 4 years of secondary school and 4 years of college/university.

Primary school in Kenya starts at the same age of 6 as in Germany and finishes with class 8. Every school year is divided into three terms, each ends with an exam. Teaching in class can be easily compared with the German system with its extensive amount of school books which are fully studied towards the end.

School normally starts at 07:30h and finishes at 16:00h with often an additional period of 2 hours for homework.

Although school fees have been abolished years ago many families can not afford the side costs e.g. for school meals, school books and uniforms, therefore often the younger brothers and sisters of the fairly larger families can not attend school. Families in Kenya are in general with many children.

Secondary School established for continuing education is optional and lasts for 4 years. Within Secondary School often languages such as French, German and Arabic (mainly at south coast region) are taught.

Tertiary education includes a four years attendance at university. Available seats at all governmental universities are distributed based on country wide rankings of secondary school exams.