Our projects

African Kids e.V. is supporting schools in Kenya

Shine Primary School – this school with a total of 110 children is located on the south coast of Kenya, at Diani Beach. African Kids e.V. provides daily school meals as we often see that parents cannot afford to pay for the school meals on a regular basis. Therefore many children were not sent to school and with the support of African Kids e.V. children have access to two meals a day and can attend school on a regular basis.

Muha Primary School – this school with a total of 100 children is located some 15 km away from the coast in the inner country. Upon our very first visit this school only had one single class room and no toilet facilities. As an immediate project we build new toilets for the school to provide a better environment, as an ongoing project we are currently building on our own three new class rooms to separate individual classes for the very first time.

Ngamali Primary School – This school currently has a total of 110 children. African Kids e.V. supports 20 children through a sponsorship program to arrange for a regular school education for each child. With this support we are able to provide mandatory school uniforms, exercise books and pencils.

Vukani Primary School – Vukani Primary School is located within the district of Kwale some 30 km south of Mombasa; it is a public school with currently 275 children and 8 teachers. The school is located in a small village called Vukani with a population of 1,020. Within one year we secured sustainable water supply, redone all classroom floors, provided a full new set of school books for every class and school desks for the nursery classes.

Kids Vukani
Elina Omar Tanja

Water Supply

Water tank / Water truck – Upon our first visit at Vukani Primary School children had no access to fresh water and were drinking brown water out of old plastic bottles which has been taken from a water hole shared with wild animals. Therefore we identified the water problem as the biggest and have organised two new water tanks in close cooperation with the local government and the District Education Officer. With these water tanks fresh water is sufficiently supplied for most of the times. But as these tanks are filled with rain water the situation is extremely challenging within the dry season between December and March where not a single rain drop hits the tanks Therefore African Kids e.V. has arranged for a water truck to deliver fresh water to provide for the basics at least.

Water Tank Arrangements
Water Tank
Water Tank School
Water Tank Ready
Filling Water Tank
Kids Waiting
Kids Water Tank
Kids Watertank

Platform – For the installation of the water tanks individual platforms/foundations are required. These works have been conducted with the help of the parents and African Kids e.V. providing the materials. Within a very short period of time children have now access to drinking water but still not within dry seasons (more then 5 months).

Water Tank Stones
Water Tank Parents

Sanitary Facilities

We also care for maintenance and new development of sanitary facilities. These projects are of highest priority to limit diseases and improve hygiene circumstances.

Toilets Boys

At Vukani Primary School there was no water supply within the toilet facilities and at Muha School there were even no toilet facilities at all and children had to use an open area with palm leaves behind the school complex. Therefore African Kids e.V. has built a complet new toilet complex at Muha School with separate sections for boys, girls and teachers.

Toilets Muha School before construction:

Muha School toilets before construction
Muha School toilets before construction

Toilets Muha School after construction:

Muha School toilets after construction
Muha School toilets after construction

Building new classrooms

Very often a school has only one single class room for all children and the smallest have to sit together with the older children which always shows problems in learning properly. Therefore we have started construction of three new classrooms at Muha School where before the school only had one single room. We hope we have more funds available to continue this important work for additional new classrooms. For the works we always involve local craftsmen and workers to control costs and provide for a little income locally.

Building new classrooms
Building new classrooms
Building new classrooms
Building new classrooms
Building new classrooms
Building new classrooms

School Books

In Europe and western civilizations it is naturally understood that children learn with the help of school books.Upon our visits at Vukani Primary School we had to realize that children have no reading or exercise books and no pencils; teachers were used to write everything on old chalkboards with holes and loose paint which is difficult to read and children can not follow lessons properly.

We have started to provide full sets of school books for the youngest in nursery and have also provided teachers with “teacher´s guidelines” to teach children in compliance with general teaching statutories. We are currently in the process of providing full sets of school books for all classes to safeguard sustainabiliy in education for all classes.

School Books
School Books hand over
Vukani Kids School Books
Hand Over School Books
School Books


All floors of the class rooms are in very poor condition and need immediate repairs or replacements.

We are currently in the process of instructing local craftsmen step by step with the repair works otherwise school desks will be damaged and can not be used properly.

flooring shovel
flooring construction work
flooring before
flooring before
flooring after
flooring after

School Desks

For the youngest children within nursery there were no proper school desks available. The children either had to sit on the floor or were using desk for the older children which made it impossible for the young ones to learn how to write and draw.

Until now we managed to order from local craftsmen a total of 20 school desks and deeply hope being in position to order another set of needed school desk which are still missing.

Desks Bike
School Desks New
New Desks
New Desks


Also small things are often necessary to avoid additional risks of spread of deseases such as providing sufficient amount of drinking cups to fetch water from the water tanks; upon our first arrival there once the first tank was installed all children were drinking out of one single cup!

Besides all necessary arrangements with e.g. water, food and school books we saw the hapiness in children faces when we brought along small things such a football on our last visit. Besides the frenetic enthusiasm for learning they are all kids who love to play during school breaks and send out a big smile when others have thought about them – please join us so we all continue to think about them because ... there is a chance!

Asante Sana