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The school day in Kenya – between motivation and possibilities

Schülerprogramm We were invited by Messe Berlin to participate in a student program at the “Bazaar Berlin” in November. The fair attracts more than 500 manufacturers and traders from 60 countries every year and at this multi-day event, students from Berlin and Brandenburg are offered the opportunity to participate in a student program on social responsibility, fair partnerships and fair cooperation.Over three days, a total of eight school classes came to us to learn about the life and education of the children in Kenya. Theme: The school day in Kenya - between motivation and possibilities. In addition to vivid photos and explanations by means of a PowerPoint presentation, we had prepared some videos that were received enthusiastically by the children. The school children from classes 2 to 7 visited us with their teachers and it was great to see how many questions were asked, “Do the children really live in small huts?”, “Is there really no food?” and “What types of professions can the children pursue when they are older?”.

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SWISSMAN Triathlon 2016

African Kids e.V. has been supported by Chris Amacker who successfully took part in the Swissman Xtreme Thriatlon on June 25 th 2016.

Chris was one of the 250 sports person who took on the challenge of a 226 km distance. Thereof they ran 4 km (due to very bad weather conditions swimming was canceled at short notice), had a disctance of 180 km on their bikes and finished with a marathon of over 42 km. It was an amazing event and a great achievement, congratulations Chris!

Chris used the triathlon event for fundraising for African Kids e.V. via and raised so far an amazing € 550.00. Thank you very much for such a great support Chris!

For further donations please visit and help our kids in Kenya for a better education. On this website you will also find additional information on costs for school books and desks and how your donations will be used directly on site – thank you very much!


Summer Festival ISVA (International School Villa Amalienhof)

African Kids e.V. has been invited by ISVA to participate with a stand at this year´s summer festival.

On our stand we were showing handmade Kenyan bracelets, homemade muffins and cake and kids could play with our football goal and identify their football skills. We had a full day of fun and raised donations upto € 217.70. Thank you very much for all the support of ISVA and that we had been invited to host a stand.



Red Nose Day at ISVA

International School Villa Amalienhof, Berlin has supported our charity African Kids e. V. and made their donations to us raised from Red Nose Day 2016.

On March 16th students and teachers all dressed up in red and raised money for our charity including a snack sales organised by the teachers (a big thank you to all those kitchen professionals for the wonderful food provided!!!) – all activities to support children at Vukani Primary School in Kenya.

The amount raised is at an amazing € 376.00 and has been handed over to us by the children on the next day. In addition ISVA Kindergarten joined the school and raised an additional amazing € 142.71 in donations!!!

We will use these donations to provide additional school books for the children in Kenya to improve their daily conditions for studying.

We are absolutely taken away by the overwhelming enthusiasm to help others and the commitment of all at ISVA; it is incredible to see how the students at ISVA participate and take part in the Red Nose Day to raise money for other children. We are extremely excited to take self-made collages, posters and letters with us to Kenya and share with the children at Vukani Primary School. We know how much this will mean to them and the excitement for them to see all the material and answering the letters.

THANK YOU ISVA – you are simply great!!!!

Red Nose Day - teacher 1
Red Nose Day - teacher 2
Red Nose Day - teacher 3
Red Nose Day - cheque


End of June 2015 our organisation has been considered by Mr. Dr. Amir Ghahremani who kindly installed a donation box at his birthday party.

We are extremely grateful that we had been invited to the event and to attend personally; we thank Amir for his efforts and this great idea to raise money for our organisation.

A total amount of € 750.00 has been raised and donated for “African Kids e.V.” – thank you very much to all donators!

Ghahremani birthday party
Ghahremani birthday party 2

donation box