The Idea

First visits to Kenya

In 2014 Tanja and Ole Sauer travelled to Kenya for the first time. Tanja´s stay in Diani Beach, some 45km south of Mombasa, was meant to be for nine months, in which period Ole travelled to Kenya a few times and has also spent several months in the country.

This stopover in Kenya had a private background which was in no relation to supporting schools or education centers in Africa. But we have realised during our stay the endless warmth of the people and their enormous hospitality, we have seen the beauty of mother nature and an incredible wildlife, we have looked into smiling facing of children but the longer we stayed in the country we have learnt about many desires – one above all is the desire of the children for education.

And unfortunately education can not be provided sufficiently in all regions of the country.


All founding members of our organisation have visited Kenya in 2014, some stayed for a few weeks and others for a longer period of time. Besides many other impressions we have been connected by the awareness that we want to provide a contribution to improve future chances for the children living in such a beautiful country which really touched us.


Schools need support

After the nine months stay in Kenya Tanja and Ole Sauer travelled back to Kenya beginning of 2015 and we have visited many public schools. We have met with teachers, families and responsible governmental bodies and out of this we have been encouraged that there is a fair chance for us to help and support. We have realised that we are fully accepted locally with our ideas and vision and we can generate local support easily when implementing our aid projects which is a great help.

Through the educational disctrict officer, Mrs. Chao we have been introduced to a school located some 20 minutes driving from the main tourist area of Diani Beach. This school belongs to the “abandoning” schools of the country without any support and help.

We have visited Vukani Primary School with its 275 children and 11 teachers for the first time in April 2015 and saw a school without any water supply at all, with extremely poor sanitary and desperate building standards and without any school books. But we have also seen highly motivated children who do not have a chance to improve their lifes based on education while remaining in such poor educational standards.

Based on all these experiences we have founded our organisation which is for all of us an affair of our hearts – let is become one of yours as well!