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We are a young social organisation who has been etsablished as a charity in May 2015. Our involvement and projects focus on Kenya.

Kenya is a fascinating country with an impressive piece of nature and open-hearted people on one side but also real poverty on the other side; but with the endless desire of children for school education.

Since 2003 there applies no school fee for primary schools which allows more children to attend at lease primary school. Existing governmental schools were not prepared to compensate and match the increase of students (approx. 1.7mio additional children) thereafter and therefore the primary school system suffers from over-crowded class rooms and lack of teachers.

Parents still show responsibility in costs for meals, uniforms and school books. Many families can not afford this contribution which in many cases is as low as € 1.50/month. Many schools have been poor and in an appaling condition before 2003 with a lack of sufficient qualified teachers. Due to missing governmental funds for investments into the schools after the increase in children the situation has become worse. Many schools suffer from the existence of no water supply at all.

Help for schools in Kenya

And this is where we as a charity would like to help. We want to provide children with the opportunity to actually attend a school and to obtain school education in a healthy environment.

Often absolutely essentials are missing (water and food) but also a sufficient amount of well qualified teachers and school books are lacking; and school buildings are in a very bad condition. A regular school attendance can change the life of a child forever and any absorbed knowledge can never be taken away.

EDUCATION means a CHANCE for a better LIFE

Please help us to provide these children with such a chance!

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